The Magic Stick 

My son's most treasured possession these days is a stick.  It's an ordinary looking stick.  But I'm told it has extraordinary powers.

Can you imagine what powers this stick possesses?

My son can.

He's adept at wielding that stick.

He leaps with it in hand from the couch, to the coffee table, to the chair.

If you're near him (and he knows not to swing the stick when anyone else is too near) you can faintly hear sound effects and dialogue that you can't quite make out.  An action movie in whispers.

At one point the other night, in the middle of the action, he paused for a second and declared:  "This stick is amazing!"

Why is it amazing, I asked him.

"It can do like 20 things at the same time."

Like what?

"It can be a knife.  Or a gun."

But it was number three that thrilled me.