"Out of the hundreds of interviews I’ve had in the last six months, my conversation with Michael was unequivocally the very best one. While most of the folks who interviewed me trod upon the same ground, there's stuff I said to Michael I haven’t said to anyone else before or since.  He’d done his research. He made meaningful connections to other people’s work and pop culture topics related to mine.  He had a logical structure yet the conversation was flexible and went into unanticipated places so we ended up with layers and nuance. It was intellectually rich but also very real, warm, and human. I could have talked with Michael for hours, and in the months to come often longed for a chance to have a Michael-like dialogue again."

Julie Lythcott-Haims, Author of the NY Times Best Seller, How to Raise an Adult


Imagine a good friend stopping by for a visit and saying Talk to me! Tell me all about it! That’s what an interview with Michael Schulder is like.  Charming and funny, sincere and insightful, Michael is a great conversationalist and his interviews are always a pleasure.

Ed Falco, Author of the NY Times Best Seller, The Family Corleone


Dear Michael:
"I have to say the interview we did together was one of the best I've ever done, and if someone doesn't give you a good deal for something new, I'll send Freddy after them!"

Wes Craven
Film Director
“A Nightmare on Elm Street” ….



“I've done a lot of interviews in the last few years. My interview with Michael Schulder was one of the most memorable and pleasurable. When I listened to his piece on (music producer) Clive Davis in advance of my own interview, I suspected that I might be in for something special. The Davis interview was so extraordinary that I feared mine would not live up to it. While being interviewed by Michael, however, I began to understand why he brings the best out of his interviewees without my fully knowing how he is able to do that. Perhaps it has something to do with the following. His preparation and intellectual curiosity are both rare. His manner, which immediately put me at ease, is refined and genuine. I also felt as if he could discuss any topic. I only wish I had more press experiences like that. He shows genuine respect and understanding not only for his subject but for the subject matter under discussion. Like any fine craftsman, the results reflect his skill and passion without his hand being so conspicuous - yet the end results are unmistakably his own.”

Geoffrey Fletcher
Academy Award Winning Writer of “Precious”
Director of “Violet & Daisy



“Michael Schulder interviewed me in August 2012 for the program CNN Profiles.  I have been interviewed extensively in Canada, the U.S., Australia, New Zealand and the U.K. by a range of interviewers and I would put Michael in the top 1%.   A good interviewer is one that comes informed on the topic – mine was the application of the principles of neuroplasticity and the development of cognitive exercises to change the brain in order to overcome severe learning disabilities and how that journey changed my life and became the focus of the last 35 years of my life’s work.  Michael had an excellent grasp of the topic and was able to translate difficult concepts into apt analogies, making them accessible to the listener without diminishing the ideas.  Michael asked thoughtful open ended questions that allowed for a lively and  interesting discussion on the topic. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience as it felt more like a conversation than an interview."

Barbara Young
Author:  The Woman Who Changed Her Brain
Founder:  The Arrowsmith School http://www.arrowsmithschool.org/