50 Days 'til 50 (and Counting) 

This story is the beginning of a personal mission. A mission that I know many of you will want to join me on. In 50 days I will turn 50. And when I do, I will be kicked out of one of the most coveted clubs in America, solely because of my age. I’m determined not to let this happen. But I need your help. We need each other’s help.


The club I’m about to be kicked out of is a club I was made a member of at the age of 18. My membership has lasted 31 years. It ends in December. I’m told I can’t renew my membership in what we, in the business, call “the demo.”

There are many demos – or demographics – ways to measure the audience that determine the value of that audience to advertisers. But THE demo, the one advertisers and content programmers most covet, are men and women between the ages of 18 and 49.

I am 49.