Dr. Irvin Yalom Is Still Rippling

Dr. Irvin Yalom

Michael visits one of the most influential and beloved figures in the field of psychotherapy on the eve of the release of his memoir:  Becoming Myself. 

At 86, after a recent health scare, The Atlantic magazine wrote:  “As a psychotherapist, Irvin Yalom has helped others grapple with their mortality. Now he is preparing for his own end.”  Not quite.  Yalom’s legions of fans will be gratified to hear his impassioned response to that analysis in this intimate Wavemaker Conversation. 

He is still actively creating ripples, a therapeutic concept he explains here and which any of us can apply to our lives.

He also shares a never-before-heard story about a recent patient who believed she was “beyond repair.”  In Dr. Yalom’s orbit, it’s hard to imagine that anyone is beyond repair.


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