Trial Lawyers v. 18-49 Demo - Part 2 

I just learned some things that have me really excited about turning 50 – and more excited than ever that this 50on50 series may help bury the 18-49 audience demo worshipers in time for my big birthday in December. I learned these things from one of the leading jury consultants in America.

Pick a Juror, Not Any Juror

Doug Green knows a leader when he sees one. Trial lawyers pay him good money to identify the potential leaders in a jury pool, men and women who will have the influence, the stature, the respect, the inclination, to persuade the other members of the jury to vote one way. And, Green has found, there is a correlation between age and influence.
I’ll share one of Green’s many stories from the courtroom to illustrate the point. It involved an intellectual property case in Texas.

“A juror comes into court in a coat and tie. He’s wearing a tie chain. Well turned out for a country setting...