Reality Check on my Fantasy Man 

This story is about how to know when to give up on a man, and when to stick with him.

It's about Chris Johnson.

I didn't know who Johnson was before this NFL season began. I haven't closely followed football since Joe Namath led my home team, the New York Jets, to victory in Super Bowl III, 42 Super Bowls ago.

Now that I've been sucked into a fantasy football league by my extended family, I know Chris Johnson. He was a top draft choice for my team. The computer picked him. In fact, all ESPN fantasy football leagues chose Chris Johnson in their drafts this year.

That's how good he was. He didn't even show up for the pre-season until his team, the Tennessee Titans, agreed to sign a contract worth more than $50 million.

Johnson was a fantasy football owner's fantasy man.

The hero falls down a hole.