My Late Show Confession 

I admit it. I couldn’t resist the headline. My confession doesn’t rival David Letterman’s. But I have to get it off my chest. When I was reading’s home page yesterday, as we were approaching CNN TV’s prime time programming hour, before we got wind of the Letterman story, the first link I clicked on was entitled: “Why Women Have Sex.” As soon as I clicked it, I realized, I was in danger of being exposed.

When you click on a link on a web site the headline usually turns a different shade, and stays that shade. When you share a computer, as we do in the CNN newsroom, the next person who logs on can often see what stories the previous user has read. So there I was. Exposed for the next person who would take my seat in the CNN newsroom. How embarrassing it would have been to have others learn that the one and only story I read on was “Why Women Have Sex.” I quickly tried to cover my tracks.