My Confidential Job Self-Evaluation 

I must interrupt my 50th birthday campaign – my campaign to bury the worshipers of the18-49 audience “demo” – so that I can tend to company business. The deadline has arrived for me to write the confidential self-evaluation portion of my job performance review. For efficiency’s sake, I’ll post it right here.

I’m in a zone as I approach 50. Not a zone defense. A creative zone. I can’t remember precisely when it began. But if it stretches on much longer, in the 50on50 series I’ve been doing to fight my imminent expulsion from the 18-49 demo, I believe CNN stands to make incalculable gains (or, better yet, calculable.)

Would I rather be turning 40? Sure I would. Provided I was in this zone. I’ve spent various periods of my life in the zone. But never a zone like this. And never for so long in a single stretch. So if 50 is the price of admission to this zone, I’ll pay it.


I know I may be sounding arrogant. And I’m aware of the value of humility.

But I’m reminded of the joke Bible scholar Elie Wiesel likes to tell: