The Humiliating Journey of James Harrison 

From what I've read about college football, if you want to find a player with NFL potential - Kent State is generally not the first place on your list. There's talent there. But The Golden Flashes, as the Kent State team is called, consistently loses an average of more than 60 percent of its games. They've only had one winning season since 1987. James Harrison didn't even get a scholarship when he enrolled at Kent State. He was a strong high school player, being eyed by some of the big college football powerhouses, when he got into trouble  in school. The powerhouses crossed him off their list. He was what you call a "walk on" at Kent State. When he graduated there in 2002, he did not get drafted by the NFL. The scouts thought he didn't have what it takes.

If James Harrison had listened to the scouts, he would have proved them right. Instead, he followed his stubborn steak.