By Michael Schulder

April 8, 2014


I am asking you to join what I have named The Plank Wave.   

The proof of its potential power is in this 4 minutes and 9 second video of a 15 year old girl named Gabi Ury.

On April 19th, in Boulder, Colorado, Gabi will attempt to break the world record in holding the abdominally grueling position called The Plank. 

Gabi was born with Vater's syndrome, a rare condition which affects her spine, limbs, some of her organs and muscles. 

She has had 14 major surgeries. 

There was a time when doctors did not know if this 4-foot-8 "special needs" girl would be able to walk. 

Gabi tells us in the video above, matter-of-factly, "I am missing my calf muscles, my glutes, and some of my abs."  

The young lady who is missing some of her abs is taking on one of the toughest abdominal challenges there is.

I can't do Gabi’s story justice in my words -- only in her words.  Which is why I urge you to watch the short video above made by Los Angeles based Director Steve Priola

And then, please, join The Plank Wave.

It only requires 3 simple steps.

1)  Have a friend or family member get their phone camera ready and touch record.

2)  Get down in the Plank position, introduce yourself on camera, and hold the plank as long as you can.

(Warning:  If you can hold The Plank for as long as it takes to watch this 4 minute and 9 second video you're in pretty great shape.)

3)  Once recorded, upload your video to your desktop or laptop and  please post the video by clicking the green ADD MEDIA icon on the video box below. To make it really easy for you, simply email me at michael[at] and I will send you a private invitation to join The Plank Wave bubble.

(Warning:  Only post your video if you are comfortable having the public watch you struggle.)

If you take these simple 3 steps, you will become part of The Plank Wave.

What is the purpose of creating such a Wave?  In the ocean, waves transmit energy over long distances. 

What kind of energy does Gabi Ury want to transmit?

"I really hope this inspires you to push your own limits and overcome your own challenges," Gabi tells us.

Gabi's video, as I said, is 4 minutes and 9 seconds.

To break the women's world Plank record and enter the Guinness Book of World Records, Gabi must hold the position for 40 minutes and one second.

But she is aiming higher. 

"I don't just wanna break it - I wanna smash the record -- so it'll be mine for a very long time."

The wave is coming.