'Bible Belt' Meets 'Borscht Belt' 

Something tells me if Rachel Held Evans were my childrens' Sunday School teacher they'd never want to miss a Sunday.

Evans is an evangelical Christian and my family is Jewish.

Evans lives in the town where the term Bible Belt was coined* and my father was a professional standup comic who worked the buckle of the Borscht Belt in New York's Catskill Mountains.

But Evans bridges the divide between the belts in her new book, The Year of Biblical Womanhood, the result of an experiment in which she lives the Old and New Testament's instructions for women as literally as possible for an entire year.

As Evans tells us in this week's audio show, CNN Profiles, she aims to "teach the gospel of Jesus with humor." That's hard to do without offending some people. So Evans does have her critics. But she has an ark full of followers.